Okoboji ROX 191


An exceptionally pretty pendant of green and clear glass and hung on a 22″ silver chain.  It makes for a  unique piece of jewelry made from Okoboji lake glass.  This one is one of the best!   We have some of our jewelry on display at the Pearson Lakes Art Center if you would like to see them in person.  https://www.lakesart.org/



We are known for our unique jewelry made from the lake glass out of West Okoboji.  This pendant (hung on a nice 20″ fall chain) features green glass on top of clear glassot.  Both pieces were shaped by the moving water and sand of West Okoboji.  What an awesome gift for those who have made special memories at Okoboji!    There is another piece that you also may be interested in at  https://goodgiftsofokoboji.com/product/okoboji-rox-130/