Okoboji ROX Green Lake Glass Sailboat – SOLD


Okoboji Rox Green Glass Sailboat is fashioned from pieces of frost and green glass found on the beaches of West Okoboji.  This one is striking on a white clothing, but encourage you to try out other ideas on how to wear it.   When husbands see this one, they are quick to select it.  But it’s also a great gift for someone you love.  ://www.lakesart.org/

Hung on a simple, but beautiful white beaded chain with accents of a few green beads.  Gorgeous!


Okoboji ROX Green Lake Glass Sailboat is a very popular with those who love Okoboji.   It’s a sailboat created with pieces of Okoboji lake glass on a 20″ beaded chain.  WOW!

We are known for our unique jewelry made from the lake glass found on the beaches of West Okoboji.  This design is absolutely beautiful with pieces of frosted lake glass and green lake glass!   We have no idea how long this glass has been tumbling under the waters of West Okoboji, but we know that it’s been many, many years.   We make very few of these, and each one is unique and very striking.  You will notice a little touch of silver wire to enhance the glass pieces.

What an awesome gift for those who have made special memories at Okoboji!  If you like the green glass, you may also want to take a look at this one:https://goodgiftsofokoboji.com/product/unique-jewelry-made-from-lake-glass-of-okoboji-4/

A beautiful gift for someone special or for choose it for YOURSELF!

If you’d like to see some of our artwork in person, you can visit the gift shop at Pearson Lakes Art Center.  http://www.lakesart.org

We have also designed this piece in blue Okoboji lake glass with frosted glass and silver wire trim.  It’s a keeper.