Okoboji ROX 193


Okoboji ROX 193 features a red rose.  Add to her jewelry collection with this classy piece of jewelry.  The pendant is designed with lake glass found on the beaches of West Okoboji.  The red rose accent piece makes it extra special and it is hung on a 22″ gold chain. Help her remember those special times at the lake.

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Okoboji ROX 193 features a red rose.  It’s the perfect gift for a special lady who enjoys receiving a bouquet of roses.  The rose has gold leaves and stem, and laid across the top of a soft white lake glass pendant.  We find this glass on the shores of West Okoboji.

Okoboji ROX 132 is very unique.  In fact, all of our jewelry is individually handcrafted.  They are one of a kind.   This particular piece is hung on a 22″ gold chain.

Women love our Okoboji lake glass jewelry.  Our jewelry is great for gifts because people make special memories during their time at the lakes.  As a result, the gift also becomes memorable.  Memories make great gifts!  Consider Okoboji ROX 193 for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and Christmas.   You will feel great knowing your gift has meaning.

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