A note for every month of the year to express your love and appreciation and a special memory for your mom. It’s a personal gift that only you can give and she will treasure it for the rest of her life.
We have developed a set of 12 cards designed especially for your โ€œwow mom.โ€

Start any month of the year (Christmas, Motherโ€™s Day, birthday) and send her a card with a note of love and appreciation. Nice to also include a memory. (Occasionally you could include a gift card if itโ€™s her birthday, etc. ) After the third month, she will truly look forward to the mail.

We know how challenging it is to find the right gift. Get one of these boxes of 12, buy 12 stamps, address the envelopes, and place them on your desk. Each month, write your note and put it in the mail. Your gifts for her are set for the year. Get ready for hugs!


A Good Gift for Mom?ย  ย That’s a common question, but it’s not as difficult as you may think.ย  We encourage you to consider a new idea that we have developed.ย  We also have a similar gift for either of your grandparents as well as your dad.

It is a set of 12 note cards, one designed for each month of the year.ย  The designs are also specific for mom, grandma, dad, and grandpa.

Each month, you will write a special card to your mom.ย  Possibly it’s a note of love and appreciation.ย  You can make it extra special by including a memory that you have of her.ย  On special months, you could also include a gift card.ย  Maybe it’s on her birthday or possibly at Christmas.

After two or three months of receiving these personal cards from you, she will start looking forward to getting her mail.ย  Best of all, it will be a treasured gift that she will always keep.ย  You will also benefit by remembering those special times with her.

Besides those benefits, you will also have her gifts ready to go for the year.ย  This is a gift she will not give away, throw away, or put on a garage sale.ย  These will be keepers.ย  ย We guarantee that they will be read over and over again.

To make it easier for you,ย  address and stamp all of your envelopes for the year.ย  Fill in memories as you think of them.ย  Keep these on your desk with a plan to send them every month on a specific day of the month.ย  She will love it….be ready for hugs!

If you’d like to see the cards that are designed for your dad and your grandparents,ย  check out these links:

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Dad:ย ย https://goodgiftsofokoboji.com/product/gift-for-dad/

Grandmother:ย https://goodgiftsofokoboji.com/product/gift-for-grandma/