Classic ROX Owl Necklace


Classic ROX Owl Necklace measures 19″.  This necklace of neutral colors (gold, metal gray) is accented with an owl with sparkly eyes and light turquoise stone.  What a fun piece and great as a gift too.  Maybe you need two.  Not a matched set, but possibly another owl necklace might fill a need or a want.  To see it, check out:


Classic ROX Owl Necklace is  a 19″ necklace of dark neutral colors (gold, metal gray, and accented with an owl with sparkly eyes and light turquoise stone.  You will love this one!  You will get compliments as it is sweet but also very unique.  The warm darker colors are very complimentary to those who wear darker colored clothing.  And it’s especially nice with jeans.

We have sevcral other necklaces that are in the warm neutral colors.  Check out this link: .

We also have another owl necklace that you will want to check out:

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