Classic ROX Coral Set


This is a beautiful  coral, silver, and white beaded necklace and matching with a matching bracelet. The necklace is 20″ in length.  Both pieces feature an acrylic accent piece in shades of coral and sunshine.

This Classic Rox Coral set looks great with neutral or white clothing. As we said,  This Classic ROX Coral is one of our favorites.

Many of our items can be seen in person at the Pearson Lakes Art.



This Classic ROX Coral is one of our favorites.   Whether it’s for you personally or for your mom, daughter, or friend, it’s a very special piece designed with coral, silver and white beads.  The bracelet pictured alongside makes it a great set.

These pieces are great for the summer wardrobe and for trips to the south during the winter months.   This set will add also add a soft brightness to white and neutral-colored clothing.  Both are accented with a coral and “sunshine” acrylic charm that you or she will love.  Best of all, it is priced as a set, so it is very reasonable in cost.  Besides, everyone needs a bit of sunshine!

We also have an Okoboji Rox necklace that is a good match with this set.  Okoboji Rox are those pendants made from the actual lake glass (or rocks) from West Okoboji.  It’s worth a look and you can see it at:

We have a good variety of jewelry, including our Okoboji Rox, SS Rox (with sea shells) and Classic Rox.  Take your time and look through all of them.

If you’d like to see some of our designs in person, please stop by the Pearson Lakes Art Center in Okoboji.