Historic Roof Performers Designer Clutch Bag (neutral color)


Do you remember when the Everly Brothers or Beach Boys were here? Have you seen the Itty Boji Band, the Nadas, Terry Klein, or the Castels recently? This designer zippered clutch is perfect for many ages and is a great gift. You can see all of the memorabilia at the Iowa Rock N Roll Hall of Fame here in Arnolds Park. Our deepest gratitude to John Senn, a great musician and a great contributor to the area. We lost him just days before the big opening of the New Roof Garden. A great man with a great vision.


Generation after generation have enjoyed listening and dancing to the music of many well-known performers. This designer zippered clutch will bring back to memory those big names that performed here at the Roof Garden in Arnolds Park. We’ve also included some of the local groups who have provided wonderful dance music for all of us in the Okoboji area. And John Senn, the man with a vision for IRRMA, is also featured. A designer pillow and tote bag are also available in this style. Made with 100% high quality cotton with a different design on each side.